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Crrper,Joker,Batman triangle by Thundertori Crrper,Joker,Batman triangle by Thundertori
Please no flames, you are usually wrong and many people disagree with you, but more importantly, I don't give a goddamn about non-constructive critisism. What is the point of your poor opinions anyway when it is so easy for me to ignore them? And placing them in the public eye is even more unreasonable.

XD Hahhahah! Xb *thhpppp!*

*Yaaawwwn* slleeeppy
hello---been up all night workin' on Sherlock manga (so much more work needs to be done than I thought--mostly interiors and architechture--those always take me the damn longest! >_< aarrgh! ) .

But when I need a little break, I work on stuff on and off on stuff as the short comic above.

Think of it as a continuation from the images I've done of the 3 dudes:

And the ' photo ' batman has is the after image from this comic strip:

Hope you like. I drew this out last year sometime, and only for the past couple months finally finished it.

And I again apologise for the intrusive watermarks--if people would just give credit to the artist when they decide to use images for something of thier own creation, then I would not mind so much thier using them.

But being responsible and letting people know who did the art hardly happens, so the watermarks are gonna stay.

Oh and yes, it will be continued---but who knows when.

Batman copyright DC comics

PS: Creeper do not despair! Just wait 'til the next comic! You'll have to be patient though...

Oh if you got any suggestions as to dialoguwe, please ffel free to contribute--as for myself, I can't help thinking:

Creeper: "Joker baby! How could you!?"
Joker: "feh.."
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March 26, 2009
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